About Us


About US:

Here is a little about us and what we will post :

Likes: Fashion, art, traveling, designing, and music
Will be Posting: Fashion
Style: Girly, edgy, trendy, chic, glam, and casual
Likes: One Direction, Hunger Games, 9gag, hugging, dancing, fashion, designing, music, poking , and having fun.
Will be Posting: Fashion
Style: Laid-back, casual, chic, preppy, girly, down-to-earth.
Likes: Crafts, Hunger Games, movies, and hanging out.
Will be Posting: Hand Crafts.
Style: Boots, casual, happy, creative.
Likes: Hunger games, fun, flexibility, making people have fun, dancing and NIALL HORAN
Will be Posting: Updates, books, nails, Hairstyles
Style: Sweaters, Knitwear,shoes and shorts (trending today)W
Likes: Cooking, Baking, BESTIES, Dancing
Will be Posting: Culinary, cooking, baking, tips
Style: Awesome checkered tops, cropped tee, shorts
Likes: These people *points up*, Reading, Writing (stories, mostly. Songs, sometimes), Day-dreaming, Singing (not that good, though), active things, video games, Harry Potter, Meaningful music, Solving Riddles, FOOD.
Will be posting: Music videos and their lyrics; A few nice quotes
Style: Nerdy. Not really into fashion ("So as long it looks okay, I don't really care.")

About this WEBSITE:

Why did we make this website : Just for fun and to give helpful tips to others
When did we make this website: March 31, 2012
What to expect: Fun, cute posts about any and everything.


Anonymous said...

I've been a secret admirer of this blog for a bit and so here's a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award!! I love love love this blog so please accept my nomination on my homepage

Hannah said...

Thank you so much!!! I'll be sure to check it out :)

chimaya said...

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