Monday, August 06, 2012

Fashion Trends: Skinny jeans and Harlem pants

Hi guys, It's Katie. Sorry but I forgot my account :P So i asked my sister if I could borrow hers...
Well it's been months since my last post, and well today I would want to tell you something about Fashion.

Really in right now is..
Harlem pants:
These pants/ leggings goes good with a loose crop top or a blank white tee. This is for those dancers out there or the sassy girls who knows what trends. Normally worn with canvas shoes or converse.
Try to get your groove in and dance your way out..

Skinny Jeans..
Skinny Jeans complement a sweater your wearing, or a fine buttoned up shirt. Even crop tops work, matching with heels or simple sandals. This look makes you look sassy and hip. Elegant yet with a hint of some rock.
You can wear your hair in any style you want, Bun, down, braid? Why not? It's the different things you associate yourself and your clothing with who you are.

Just... make sure you look good in it. Here are some examples of what I'm trying to pull off of this post:

Simple long sleeve top with skinny jeans, toms and a leather jacket.

Although this looks wierd, she complements it.. (No comment)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kawaii Swirl Candy

Hello fellow bloggers!

After a recent amount of months, I've been back!
I have something I made for all those japanese and kawaii fans.
..Or maybe people who just like art and cute things!

This is a really cute Kawaii swirl candy.
You may have noticed a cut on the upper part.
It's sort of a 'bite' mark on the candy.
As usual, we have the original Kawaii face.
Sticked in with an eye-pin, and topped off with glaze.

I know that this is a really quick post, but I just wanted to post something since it has been months.
I've also made a mini One Direction chibi thing and I might be posting them soon.


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quiz: Who is your celebrity fashion twin?

This is the ninth post in the June Edition of the RANDOM Magazine

Hello everyone :)
I made a quiz to see who your celebrity style twin is! :D

Comment who you got! :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed :)
Love, Hannah...<3

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Infographic: Fashion by the Numbers

This is the eight post in the June Edition of the RANDOM Magazine

Hey everyone :)) I made a quick infographic of Fashion by the Numbers.

I was just experimenting and this is like a mini-infographic, but if you like it, maybe I'll make more and longer ones :)

Fashion by the Numbers

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed :)
Love, Hannah...<3

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Profile : Lady Gaga

This is the seventh post in the June Edition of the RANDOM Magazine

Hello everyone! :) Sorry it's been so long since our last post and we aren't really posting regularly :/ I've been quite busy.

So today you will learn all about how the unique and talented Lady Gaga became the girl she is today

Full name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Nickname/Stage name: Lady Gaga, Lady G, Gaga, the germinator (in high school)
Age: 26
Birthday: March 28, 1986
Born in: New York, New York, USA
Parents: Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta
Sibling/s: Natali Germanotta
Height: 5'1"
Trade Mark: Unique outfits and blond hair
Known for: Singing and performing

Early life:

Stefani was born on March 28, 1986 in New York to Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta. She has italian and french-canadian roots. She is the older sister of Natali Germanotta a fashion student born on 1992- but this post isn't about her, this is about her uber-talented sister who was/is actually a Roman-catholic ( like me :D). At 11 she attended Convent of the Sacred Heart. She says she was an outcast for being too provocative and eccentric. Even at that early age, she already knew her dream career- being a singer. She learned the piano at 4 and played at open mike nights by the age of 14. Her passion for theater earned her roles in highschool productions like 'Guys and dolls' and 'A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum'. 

At the end of her years at Convent of the Sacred Heart, she applied for CAP21 ( musical theater training at Tische School of the Arts). She gained early admission and got a dorm in NYC at 17. This really helped her learn more about the art of music and performing. 

Career Beginnings

She withdrew from CAP21 in her sophomore year at 19 to focus on her music career. She began a band with her friends called Stefani Germanotta Band and played bars and clubs. A talent scout named Fusari contacted her and is even the one who helped her create the name Lady Gaga from the Queen song Radio Gaga. They say that auto-correct changes Radio into Lady in a text he sent to her, and after that she said never to call her Stefani but to call her Lady Gaga.

Fusari and Gaga recorded electric-pop tunes and sent them to music industry bosses. Def jam Recordings agreed to sign her and take a chance on her unique and provocative look but dropped her after 3 months.

She went to bars and burlesque shows and experimented with drugs.

She found her musical niche when she incorporated pop melodies and the glam rock of Queen and David Bowie. She signed with Streamline Records. She struck a music publishing deal with Sony/ATV. As a result she wrote songs for Britney Spears, Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, and New kids on the block. Akon discovered her songwriting and vocal abilities and signed her with his own label Kon Live.

The Fame, Fame Monster, and Born This Way

In 2008 she released her first album The Fame. Since then she has released The Fame Monster and Born This Way. She has wowed us with her unique outfits and has won numerous awards(  5 Grammys and 13 MTV VMAs ). She has sold 23 million albums and 64 million singles sold worldwide. She has even been on numerous magazines and lists( Billboard Artist of the Year, #4 in 100 greatest women in music, Forbes Magazine, one of the most influential in Time Magazine, and #4 in billboards top moneymakers). She just recently toured the world.

Do you love or do you hate Lady Gaga? Are her unique get-ups interesting or disgusting? What is your favorite album or even song of hers? Well, there are tons of questions I can ask you but we don't have the time :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed :)
Love, Hannah...<3

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Sunday, June 24, 2012


This is the sixth post in the June Edition of the RANDOM Magazine

This is going to be a really quick post.

So today I will tell you A New Word And Its Meaning or ANWAIM :))

ANWAIM posts aren't actually "new" words, but words new to you ( unless you have a really big dictionary ). I will try to do this every so often :))

So the ANWAIM is : Gorgonise - to astound somebody with your beauty

That's all, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!
Love, Hannah...<3

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fashion through the years: 1920's

This is the fifth post in the June Edition of the RANDOM Magazine

Hello everyone :)
So today I will teach you all about the fashion from the 1920's. Maybe you read my other post (Fashion from the 1910's) and it is quite similar :)

Flapper Fashion


The 1920's is the decade when fashion entered the modern era. They stopped wearing those restricting fashion of the years before and traded them for more comfortable attire. 1920's is mainly associated with the "Roaring twenties" and "Flapper" fashion.

Popular designers of the time

  1. Coco Chanel
  2. Jeanne Lanvin
  3. Jean Patou
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo
  5. Madeleine Vionnet
  6. Elsa Schiaparelli
  7. Andre Perugia

Women's wear

Bobbed hair under cloche hat.
Women's fashion changed with their roles in society. Although some society matrons still wore conservative dresses, sportswear worn by the younger women was the greatest change in their fashion. Dresses of the teens evolved from tubular to a similar silhouette that now sports shorter skirts with gathers, pleats, or slits.

A cloche hat and a straight-line chemise became the uniform of the day. Women's hair was bobbed or cut short to fit under the popular hats- this hairstyle was radical in the beginning but later became the norm. To do the dances like the Charleston, women wore low-waisted dresses with fullness in the hemline.

The fashion was also heavily influenced by art such as 'beyond the real' art, a key designer for this would be Elsa Schiaparelli.

Flatter chest and boyish figure was very popular during this time. The corset was replaced with chemise/camisole and bloomers, later shortened to panties/knickers. Also all-in-one lingerie became popular.

For the first time, dresses became more fitted, hemlines were rising to the knee, and a masculine look became more popular. Fashion was bohemian and forthcoming.

Coco Chanel was one of the first women to wear trousers, cut her hair short, and reject the corset.

Jean Patou began making skirt and two-piece sweater outfits in wool jersey. These style were embraced for they were perfect for increasingly active lifestyles.

Elsa Schiaparelli produced evening gowns of elegant simplicity by combining classic design of the Greeks and Romans with modern imperative for freedom of movement.

Men's wear

Throughout the decade, men wore old long jackets and short suit jackets for formal occasions. In the early twenties men';s fashion was characterised by high waisted jackets often worn with a belt. Trousers were relatively narrow and straight and were worn so short that their socks showed. Trousers were often cuffed at this time.

"Oxford Bags" (wider trousers) came into fashion while lapels became wider and peaked, and suit jackets returned to normal waist. Loose-fitting sleeves were also worn in this time. Double-breasted vests, often worn with single-breasted jackets became fashionable. Men had a variety of sport clothes including sweaters and knickers (trousers). A morning suit was worn in daytime. For evening, men wore short tuxedo, which is now seen as old-fashioned and snobby.

Depending on their class, they had different hats. Upper class wore top hats or homburg hat while middle class for fedora or trilby. Straw boater was also popular for the summer. Working-class men wore a newsboy or no hat at all.

How has our fashion changed and what do you like about 1920's fashion?

That's all, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!
Love, Hannah...<3

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Interview: Dreaming Couture

This is the fourth post in the June Edition of RANDOM Magazine.

Hello everyone! Today I will share with you our interview with the winners of our contest: Dreaming Couture!

Basic intro : Dreaming Couture are a group of 3 girls (Daphne, Anne, and Pam) dreaming about fashion.

Now for the questions :D


Basic Questions :

1. Who is your idol/inspiration ?

Daphne: I don't know...I guess my parents. Haha corny!
 Anne: Umm. I admire Taylor Swift of course her classic outfits and dresses are so fairy tale like :-) and I really admire my Aunt's and my mom ( of course ) because they just dress so awesome !
Pam: Uhh.. I have a lot but my mom! XD

 2. What are your hobbies and interests?

  Daphne: I really like reading, photography, writing, and drawing. Oh! And shopping. ;)
  Anne: My hobbies with an S are typically a lot, reading, dressing up, flying unicorns you name it ;-)
  Pam: Photography, Sketching, doodling, dancing out of randomness and other weird stuff.. XD

3. What is your dream career?

  Daphne: I want to work either in a teen magazine. Also to be part time photographer/author/designer!
  Anne: Mine is a designing job where I get to dress up, be myself and just enjoy it while working :-)
  Pam: LIKE RACHELLE ZOE. OMG, I wanna be a stylist-slash-designer-slash-something-else! XD

4. Describe yourself in 3 words.

  Daphne: I'm. Just. Me.
  Anne: One. Special. Person.
  Pam: Very. VERY. Perky!

 5. What are your similarities and what make you significantly different from the average teenager?

 Daphne:  I love the trends but I think I can be different because sometimes I want to totally go AGAINST the trends.
  Anne: I guess trends make you blend in but it's your own style that makes you different and unique
  Pam: Just and ordinary girl waiting for something interesting to happen but very very very VERY wild. (I sleep at 9-WHUTS)

Fashion and blog related questions:

6. Who or where did you get your fashion sense from?

  Daphne: Magazines, TV, and my mature/classic side from my mom.
  Anne: Magazines and inspiration I guess :-)
  Pam: TV, and my mom. XD

 7. How old were you when you first liked fashion and cared about how you dressed?

  Daphne: 11 or 12 :). I DID have cute stuff, I just didn't care. XD
  Anne: I agree with Daphne before I was just wearing who knows what and blending whatever but then it's fashion ;-)) haha
  Pam: I cared about how I dressed when I was 7 but when I knew the term fashion even existed was when I was 11-12. XD

 8. What inspired you to start a blog?

  Daphne: For me, I just wanted to record my outfits to see how I would evolve fashion wise.
   Anne: Just the fun of it and connecting with my friends :-)
  Pam: I guess just seeing Camille and Kryz Uy just sort of inspired me and I just thought hey why not start a blog?

 9. Speaking of bloggers, who are your favorite [fashion] bloggers?

  Daphne: Kryzuy, and Patricia Prieto!
  Anne: Same here Daphne! but I do love the blog : fashiontoast too!
  Pam: Obviously them and Camille Co as well. ;)

 10. Where do you get your inspirations for blog posts?

  Daphne: Idk...I usually don't have any inspirations other than my outfits.
  Anne: Inspirations? I guess my ideas just pop out of my head then I get so giddy about the idea and start planning
  Pam: I don't really know but probably ongoing trends and stuff..

Random questions:

 11. How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

  Daphne: A day? Maybe less...hahaha
  Anne: As long as I can survive the Hunger Games, maybe 3 ? but I'd get so grossed out by the lack of showering haha.
  Pam: Oh I don't even think I'd last a second.. XD

 12. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring?

  Daphne: Someone outdoorsy, bananas, and a boat. :))
  Anne: Friends and family (of course), cellphone and my closet haha joke.
  Pam: I'd say an art kit, never ending supply of food and a fellow friend.

 13. If you had superpowers what would it be?

  Daphne: To fly! And maybe photographic memory! You know, for school. 
  Anne: Can having everything count? I can't decide on flying or the powers of the Invisible Woman 
  Pam: Oh I have no idea... XD Idk... I want to be that girl from whats that movie? The one with the girl who goes crazy and falls in love with the guy who has this eye thing that can make you die... I forgot... :P

 14. If you could be a character in a book or movie what would it be?

  Daphne: I want to be my OWN character in Harry Potter. That would be so awesome.
  Anne: Either Luna or Hermione because Luna just plain rocks I mean she's her own individual person and Hermione is just plain awesome always being herself :-)

 15. Any advice, tips, or last words to our readers?

  Daphne: Uhh...make good art. :) Credits to Neil Gaiman!
 Anne: Follow your heart and always be yourself because people will love you for yourself :-) Noodles and Toodles, Cya!
  Pam: I guess just to keep your head up, just because something that you want doesn't happen soon it will come along, just keep your hopes up, you'll never know. 

Thank you guys :) <3 

Do you want to know even more about them? Visit their blog:
Well that was fun! Do you have any questions for Dreaming Couture? Comment, they'll answer any of your questions.

Do you want to be interviewed or write a guest post for us? Email us at therandomgirlies{at}gmail{dot}com

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed!
Love, Hannah...<3

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Everything about Ombré - Revealed

"Ombré - A french term meaning 'shaded.' Usually a multi-colored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark."
This is the third post in the June edition of the RANDOM Magazine. Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time!
As you may have noticed, today I will teach you everything you need to know about the famous trend- Ombré. Hopefully the definition above helped get a feel of what Ombré is, but if it didn't, here are some examples:

Ombré cake
Ombré hair
Ombré necklace
I bet you all now know what ombré is if you didn't before. I really love this trend :)


Ombré was a new word in our fashion vocabulary during 2008, when it was a big hit. But even though it dated back to 1841 as a dying technique, the word was only in the oxford dictionary in 2005.

Pretty pictures!

Ombré things are everywhere and everything! Here are some examples:

Furniture and household items

Staircase/Staircase handle:


Kitchen materials:

Wall decor:


Cake:                                                                          Cookies:



Makeup; Lipstick:

Nail Polish



Wedding Theme:
Pretty much everything Ombré

Do you have anything ombré? What is your favorite item from one of the pictures?

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!
Love, Hannah...<3

Have any questions, suggestions, or comments? Tell us, we'd love to hear what you have to say :)
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Saturday, June 09, 2012

DIY: Paper Beads and Shell Charm/Keychain thing

This is the second post in the June Edition of RANDOM Magazine.

Hello :)))

Do you have best friends and want to give them a charm of friendship? Did you forget to buy someone a gift, don't have time to buy something, or would rather give them a homemade gift? Well today is your lucky day! 

I'm going to teach you how to make paper beads and a paper bead + shell charm. I made one of these for all the random girlies and they loved it ;)

Part 1. Paper Beads

What you need:

(Optional) A Ruler and  a Pen
Toothpick (or needle)
  1. Magazines
  2. Toothpick (or needle)
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. (Optional) Ruler
  6. (Optional) Pen
  7. (Optional) Varnish [Sorry no picture]

How to make it:

1. Look in a magazine for the colours/design you want. If you don't want to cut from magazines, coloured paper, wallpaper, and newspaper work just as well.
2. Choose the shape of bead you want and cut from the magazine. Here are the varieties:

You can choose if you want to cut it freehand or with a ruler and pen.
3. Start rolling the shape you cut out around the toothpick or needle, starting at the thick side. Put glue along the middle of the shape to keep the bead in place. 
4. Put varnish or excess glue around the bead to make it last long and add glaze. Leave it to dry for a day or 2.
5. Repeat to make as many beads as you want. 
6. Slide the beads of the toothpicks/needles.

Part 2. Paper bead + shell charm.

What you need:

Glue Gun

  1. Paper beads (credit to flickriver)
  2. String
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Paper Beads

How to make it:

1. Plug in the glue gun and let it heat a bit. In order for it to last longer and so you have time to stick it together, the glue should be hot.
2. Glue one side of the bead and place the pointy side of the shell there. To make it last even longer, glue around where the bead meets the shell.
3. Measure how long you want the string(make sure there is enough room to double knot it as well) and cut it. 
4. Glue the other side of the bead, fold the string in half, and place the rounded side of the string inside the bead. To make it last longer, glue around where the string meets the bead.
5. Double knot the string.
6. Repeat for all the beads.

Voila! You've just made a paper bead + shell charm!

Here is how it look when finished.

Thank you for reading :)
Love, Hannah...<3

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