Wednesday, June 06, 2012

RANDOM Magazine June Edition

Heyyy everyone :)

SO sorry we haven't posted in ages! We've been busy, I went on a vacation, and it was my birthday (June 3).

Now I will present to you... RANDOM Magazine June edition!

Random magazine

This magazine will be like last month, 10 posts - including 1 contest and 1 quiz. Congratulations to Dreaming Couture for guessing Beyonce! I know it was hard so I made this contest easier.

Posts this issue:

1. Contest : RANDOM Questions - There will be 3 questions, each with a different way of answering( question A : comment, question B : a blog post, question C : tweet ). The 5 winners will get BIG prizes.

2. DIY : Paper bead and shell charm - A simple and easy to make charm/keychain thing using paper beads and shells

3. Trendspotting : Ombre - All about this famous trend

4. Interview : Dreaming Couture - An interview with the contest winners.

5.Fashion through the years 1920's - All about the fashion from the 1920's.

See also: Fashion from the 1910's

6. ANWAIM - A New Word And It's Meaning

See also : ANWAIM

7. Profile: Lady Gaga : A minibiography of Lady Gaga

See also : Profile : Gemma Ward

8. Infographic : Fashion by the numbers - Self-Explanatory, an infographic about fashion.

9. Quiz : Who is your celebrity fashion twin - a quiz to see which celebrity has your style.

See also : Quiz : What fashion era are you from

What are you most excited for and what do you think about this idea? Leave your answer in the comments.

Thank you for reading :)

Have any questions, suggestions or comments? Tell us, we'd love to hear what you have to say :)
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