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Fashion through the years: 1920's

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Hello everyone :)
So today I will teach you all about the fashion from the 1920's. Maybe you read my other post (Fashion from the 1910's) and it is quite similar :)

Flapper Fashion


The 1920's is the decade when fashion entered the modern era. They stopped wearing those restricting fashion of the years before and traded them for more comfortable attire. 1920's is mainly associated with the "Roaring twenties" and "Flapper" fashion.

Popular designers of the time

  1. Coco Chanel
  2. Jeanne Lanvin
  3. Jean Patou
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo
  5. Madeleine Vionnet
  6. Elsa Schiaparelli
  7. Andre Perugia

Women's wear

Bobbed hair under cloche hat.
Women's fashion changed with their roles in society. Although some society matrons still wore conservative dresses, sportswear worn by the younger women was the greatest change in their fashion. Dresses of the teens evolved from tubular to a similar silhouette that now sports shorter skirts with gathers, pleats, or slits.

A cloche hat and a straight-line chemise became the uniform of the day. Women's hair was bobbed or cut short to fit under the popular hats- this hairstyle was radical in the beginning but later became the norm. To do the dances like the Charleston, women wore low-waisted dresses with fullness in the hemline.

The fashion was also heavily influenced by art such as 'beyond the real' art, a key designer for this would be Elsa Schiaparelli.

Flatter chest and boyish figure was very popular during this time. The corset was replaced with chemise/camisole and bloomers, later shortened to panties/knickers. Also all-in-one lingerie became popular.

For the first time, dresses became more fitted, hemlines were rising to the knee, and a masculine look became more popular. Fashion was bohemian and forthcoming.

Coco Chanel was one of the first women to wear trousers, cut her hair short, and reject the corset.

Jean Patou began making skirt and two-piece sweater outfits in wool jersey. These style were embraced for they were perfect for increasingly active lifestyles.

Elsa Schiaparelli produced evening gowns of elegant simplicity by combining classic design of the Greeks and Romans with modern imperative for freedom of movement.

Men's wear

Throughout the decade, men wore old long jackets and short suit jackets for formal occasions. In the early twenties men';s fashion was characterised by high waisted jackets often worn with a belt. Trousers were relatively narrow and straight and were worn so short that their socks showed. Trousers were often cuffed at this time.

"Oxford Bags" (wider trousers) came into fashion while lapels became wider and peaked, and suit jackets returned to normal waist. Loose-fitting sleeves were also worn in this time. Double-breasted vests, often worn with single-breasted jackets became fashionable. Men had a variety of sport clothes including sweaters and knickers (trousers). A morning suit was worn in daytime. For evening, men wore short tuxedo, which is now seen as old-fashioned and snobby.

Depending on their class, they had different hats. Upper class wore top hats or homburg hat while middle class for fedora or trilby. Straw boater was also popular for the summer. Working-class men wore a newsboy or no hat at all.

How has our fashion changed and what do you like about 1920's fashion?

That's all, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!
Love, Hannah...<3

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20's fashion is so fun! I was once in a 20's style play, so I actually have a flapper dress. :)

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