Wednesday, May 23, 2012

007: Songs

'Sup guys! Sorry I wasn't able to post since... a week ago? Two? I've been pretty busy. But I'm still sticking to just ONE quote a day. But what I'll probably have to post two song lyrics! So here's the Quote.

"You gotta kick it up a notch."
-Starship, 'Kick It Up A Notch'

And here is Song Lyrics #1:


By Darren Criss, Starship

Look how the silk worms sway in the wind
Weaving their silk
Regardless of what you've done or where you've been they'll give ya

See how the dragonfly
Dances through the flowers
A brilliant ballet
At fifty miles an hour
There's no admission
To this vision of

And it might
Be slightly different from the things that you may know
You can't deny
There's something special when you see the night sky glow

So look out
It's around every corner
There's something magical in the air
Don't hide
From you eyes or ignore
There is beauty
Beauty everywhere

Check out the bees
They don't buzz around for money
They do it for free
Making love
Making honey
Spreading pollen
How can you not fall in love
And it might make you sneeze
But'cha better believe
It's beautiful stuff

Then there's the wonder of the caterpillar
The best show in town
The ending is killer
There's a larvael
Real life marvel to be found
And it might sound cutesy
But there is beauty all around

And it doesn't matter
If you've got twelve eyes
Or you've got two
Because nothing need anymore than one to take in the view

If you're preoccupied
With what's on the outside
You get lost
In the how it can seem
But open your eyes
And you'll be surprised
To find out
How much more
Something different can mean

We don't got
Any kind of worry
Our way of life is "lassiez fair"
No wealth
No poor
No hiprocrisy
Just beauty
(Beauty everywhere)

So look out
It's all around
Kinda weird but that's neither here nor there
You can face it embrace it
No need to fear the beauty
Beauty everywhere
Beauty everywhere
Beauty everywhere
Beauty everywhere

I love that song. It's technically both about nature and life. And judging. And a perfe- Okayyyyyyyyy. I HAVE to stop rambling. And now, Song Lyrics #2:


No Way
By Darren Criss, A Very Potter Musical

My mind is racing
But my heart it beats faster
I'm in control
Commander and master
Lady Fate creating disaster
But she ain't the boss of me


Head-on collision with a catastrophic set back
Makes you either wanna get lost or get back
I choose the latter and let's not forget that
We hold the cards this time
So there's no need to b**** or whine

There's no way
I'm gonna take another option
No way I'm gonna settle with a loss
No way I'm gonna sit around and watch
There's no, no way

There's no way
You're gonna find me in the background
No damn way you gonna see me satisfied
No way they're ever gonna make me back down
No, no way

Home-field advantage
The upper hand is ours
So the game is on
The clock ticks
But we've got our tricks to fuss with them
Fix what's wrong

Let's wake up and go guys
Take out the bad guys
Break out your mad eyes
We'll take it on together
We're stronger and we're better
And if there's a problem


There's no way
We're gonna leave it up to chance
There's no damn way we're gonna go without a fight
No way they're gonna see us on our a**
There's no, no way

There's no way
We're gonna settle with sorrow
Leave right now if you think this ain't real
Not waiting for tomorrow

No, no way there's no way
No, no way there's no way


I don't know about you, but I'm putting this on whenever I feel I can't do something. BTW, comment which of the following you want me to post:

"Change" By Taylor Swift
"Kick It Up A Notch" By Darren Criss
"Mean" By Taylor Swift
Or something else!

'Kay, that's all! See you!


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