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Fashion trends: In's and Out's

This is the second post in the May edition of RANDOM Magazine.

Hello :)

Today I'll be teaching you the fashion trend in's and out's of spring/summer 2012.

Things in italic are IN things underlined are OUT.

  • Let's start with colors!

2012 is all about color but that doesn't mean neutrals/black and white are out, you know what is though? Gray. Tangerines and mint greens are the essential colors of the year but neons are still standing strong. Of metallics, gold is currently in and silver is going out.

  • Now we'll move on to patterns and fabrics.
Stripes, Florals, Bold prints, and Lace are currently rocking the runways and the streets while animal prints are growing old.

  • Let's talk accessories!

Pearls are the must-haves of the season, but other in accessories include nature-inspired, big & bold, and of course the statement collar. As for the out, they are suspenders and cowboy hats.

  • Bottoms:
Jeans are in when they're colored but out when they are cropped/too short- a simply solution to this is folding them. Skirts are trendy when either maxi or mini so try to avoid midi. As for shorts, it's in to have them long or highwaisted, but out to have them just plain short.

  • Tops:
Peplum is currently rising not only in tops, but also skirts and dresses. Out are the days of too long tops/tunics.

  • Dresses
When wearing dresses, it's all about great fit, highlighting your strenghts, and hiding your weaknesses so avoid dresses that don't fit or overwhelm you. There are so many dress trends that it would take too long to tell you, but the timeless classic is the LBD.

Further reading: If you want a dress to match you refer to this.
  • Shoes!!!
Shoes are all about being comfy yet stylish, so uncomfortable shoes/heels are totally out, while kitten heels are totally in. In boots, uggs are out and cut-out booties are in.

  • Bags:
Say goodbye to the time when bags should match you shoes and outfit! Your bag should pop while still looking great that's why bright clutches are in. Another bag trend I want to tell you about is reptile leather!

  • It looks like this post is coming to an end, so let me tell you the in and out styles!

Colorblocking, athletic chic and graphic prints are looking great both on the runway and off! As for styles you should avoid? looking too matching (head-to-toe denim, all animal print, etc).

I guess that's all for now, thank you for reading! :)
Love, Hannah...<3

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