Friday, May 25, 2012

Twitter Trending : #ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMadand #ReplaceGagaSongWithTaylor

This is the seventh post in the May Edition of RANDOM Magazine.

This post is truly 'random' x)

So this is going to be a super quick post highlighting some tweets with the trend #ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad and #ReplaceGagaSongWithTaylor. Some are really funny and entertaining.


@Toptweets_us says : " " whatever.

@WALMARTRICH says : " " I'll be ready in 5 minutes

@brendlewhat says : " " I'm not saying this to make you mad. It's not about you. It's what I actually feel as an autonomous individual.

@IamJuddy says : There's only one answer to this trend : " " - Words

@brat_problems says : " " I was looking at your facebook and...


@LadyGaga_Paris says: " " Is NOT Taylor Swift, Is Taylor Kinney, the father monster!

@MichellePermata says : " " Born this Taylor, Taylor Dance, Bad Taylor, Taylorface (pokerface) , Taylorphone. What else? Lol.

@MariaWWR says: " " TaylorGame, Taylorface, Just Taylor, The Edge of Taylor, Born Taylor Way, Nothing Else Taylor Can Say xD

@Joefet says: " " Taylor and I, Taylor this Way, Bloody Taylor, Electric Taylor, The Edge of Taylor looooool

@MovesLikeSwift says: I wonder who came up with the trending thing " " a Swifty or a Little monstor?

BTW What do you think about our new background? Comment what you think.

CLUE: The name of her parents are Matthew and Tina

That's all, thanks for reading :)
Love, Hannah...<3

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Ariel said...

The background is adorable, but makes it really hard to read the text.

Hannah said...

Thanks for your opinion Ariel :)

We'll try to find a cute but Only semi-busy background :)) <3