Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quiz: Who is your celebrity fashion twin?

This is the ninth post in the June Edition of the RANDOM Magazine

Hello everyone :)
I made a quiz to see who your celebrity style twin is! :D

Comment who you got! :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed :)
Love, Hannah...<3

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Champagne Star said...

OMG!OMG! My fashion twin is Kate Middleton!!! This is great because I absolutely love her styles, and I think she is very adorable!! Great quiz, keep it up!!

Hannah said...

Congratulations! :)) I agree, her style is classic and she is beautiful :)
Thank you much! Not only for this complement but for all your comments, you are too sweet :))

Love, Hannah...<3

Anonymous said...

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, of course. :) Cute blog, hope you stop by mine and follow back!

Daphne said...

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


Zalia said...

Ha ha! I got Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen too!

Ginger Sanches said...

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